• OEM

    Original Equipment Manufacturer

  • OBM

    Original Brand Manufacturer

  • ODM

    Original Design Manufacturer

Established since 1999 in Taiwan. MIRA develops and manufactures automotive parts and accessories and provide the service of customization. MIRA products must get through RD team pre-work, the excellent production procedure, QC requirements, finished goods testing including function testing, vibration/stability testing, and environmental testing, strict packaging request, and organized stocking guidelines. MIRA owns the ability to produce and customize parts to customers' demands, and after years of experiences in the field of auto parts, MIRA is able to take all the challenges from OEM, OBM and even ODM.


From product design to finishing, MIRA has basic quality requirements on every item.
MIRA not only focuses on quality,
but also pays attention to service and product developing.
MIRA is upgrading itself with years of experiences, R&D team strength and customer' s cooperation.
We are prepared to take different challenges in this field and welcome different kinds of cooperation.